Neighborhood Watch that Works!

LicenseLook - Adding Techology to Neighborhood Crime Deterrence is a web site and email service that gives local communities a simple tool that can help them organize and make a stand against crime in their neighborhoods. Based on the typical Neighborhood Watch model, LicenseLook allows neighbors to organize to keep crime out of their communities. The web site allows residents to easily report and track various types of unusual or suspicious neighborhood activity. Before logging any activity into LicenseLook you should call your local police and file a report.

Today, with the click of a mouse local law enforcement can check thousands of license numbers and immediately identify persons of questionable character that are passing through or are sitting in parked cars in your neighborhood. A criminal's car (license number) can be a window into their troubled lives by listing unpaid tickets and arrest warrants. By logging the vehicle into LicenseLook, residents can help local law enforcement by directing their attention to these "persons of interest" and, in doing so, perhaps link their vehicle to a recent crime scene. This type of data clearly assists law enforcement but just as importantly, it will be telegraphed via the criminal "grapevine" and inform the criminal community that your neighborhood is a risky place to do business. With LicenseLook you can track the following types of activity:

  • Suspicious Vehicle in Your Neighborhood? LicenseLook allows neighbors to input license numbers and descriptions of cars that appear to be out of place in their neighborhood. By logging the license plate and description of suspicious vehicles (whether the car is parked or passing through) you are creating valuable information that the police can use to capture criminals.

  • Odd Door-to-Door Solicitor? More and more scams are happening right at your front door with criminals posing as representatives of charitable organizations or local service companies. LicenseLook will also allow residents to log visits from questionable persons posing as salespeople soliciting your business.

LicenseLook uses email, the web and neighborhood signage to keep local residents involved in watching over their community. The yard and street signs (see "print your own") serve as a visible reminder to residents that friends and neighbors are watching out for unfamiliar vehicles and taking action. For the criminals "casing" a neighborhood, the yard signs create an awareness that residents have banded together to protect their community and that driving slowly or parking in the neighborhood might result in having their vehicle placed a suspicious vehicle list. When a crime takes place, the police can easily review the last few weeks of records to see if any known criminals have been plying the area. By matching up the residents' timed vehicle sightings with the vehicle's proximity to a crime scene, the police have a much better chance to apprehend a criminal.

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