Crime Deterrence and Prevetion that Makes Sense

Criminals weigh every risk when it comes to planning a break in. Just as a thieves will think twice before robbing a home with a security system or barking dog, they will choose a different neighborhood if they know that residents have banded together to actively log suspicious vehicles and persons into a system that is accessible by the police and other residents. The more a neighborhood can do to demonstrate to would-be criminals that they are watching and recording activities, the more likely it will succeed at discouraging criminal activity. How does LicenseLook help deter and prevent crime?

Deters Criminals Before They Strike
Make it risky for criminals to come into your community. LicenseLook creates the perception (and reality) of impending risk of a person being identified and placed at the scene of a crime. This is "a criminal's worst nightmare." By organizing neighbors to display LicenseLook garden signs in their front yards or deciding as a group to install larger street signs above traffic signs you demonstrate to potential criminals that your community is organized and vigilant. When a criminal goes to the licenselook website and enters your city, they will see the listing of suspicious vehicles and clearly undestand that you are watching and reporting.

Helps Local Law Enforcement
The best way to help our local police is to be a part of a system that helps deter and discourage criminals. Second best is to be the eyes and ears for our city police both in our neighborhoods and in the larger community. By logging suspicious activities on LicenseLook you will help build a community database of valuable information that can be easily accessed by local police to help them to catch the bad guys.

Alerts Your Neighbors
Residents can choose to have LicenseLook send out a weekly email alert that summarizes recent activity. Now, the simple act of logging a suspicious car or person will alert your neighbors to a potential threat as well as giving the police the ability to match vehicles against their own crime statistics.

Know Your Neighbors
Criminals stay clear of active communities where neighbors know each other well. However getting to know your neighbors has become more and more challenging due to our increasingly fast paced life style. To help bridge this gap try to organize simple neighborhood gatherings where the focus of the meeting is simply to get to know each other (rather than focusing on crime which can be a "downer"). LicenseLook has created a template and tools for you to organize weekend coffee and donut events in your neighborhood. We refer to these social gatherings as Driveway Socials.

Replace Feelings of Helplessness with a "Can-Do" Attitude
When criminals break into homes, they make off with more than your valuables they also destroy your sense of safety and security. The path back to a safe and secure community can be found through organizing. LicenseLook, by providing simple tools to organize against would-be criminals, can help mend feelings of vulnerability and build a new sense of confidence and strength in our communities.